Luke 23: Praying Tor Those Who Have Wronged You

In Luke 23, we see the crowds are taunting, mocking, and striking Jesus while He is being crucified. How did Jesus respond, by asking God to forgive these people. When we think about our own lives and the times that people have wronged us personally, how did we respond? Did we take a moment toContinue reading “Luke 23: Praying Tor Those Who Have Wronged You”

Luke 22: Anguish

Luke 22 we find Jesus and the disciples in the garden. Jesus is aware the hour has drawn near for him to be crucified. Luke reveals that Christ was praying fervently about the events that was beginning to unfold. The Bible reveals that Christ was feeling anguish to the point of sweating blood. Here weContinue reading “Luke 22: Anguish”

Luke 22: The Walk Requires A Servants Heart

In Luke 22, a discussion takes place among the disciples. They are arguing as to who is the greatest among themselves. Jesus responds to them, and instructs them that to be great they must be willing to be a servant. Jesus Christ came to serve, and he expects His followers to do the same. ToContinue reading “Luke 22: The Walk Requires A Servants Heart”

Luke 21: The Faith Of A Widow

Greetings, In Luke 21 we read of a widow who gives two tiny coins at the temple. Jesus tells the disciples this lady has given everything she has while the rich give only out of their surplus. This widow demonstrated a tremendous trust in God to provide for her needs. The faith of this ladyContinue reading “Luke 21: The Faith Of A Widow”

Luke 19: The Triumphant Entry

As Luke 19 draws to a close it does so with the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem. The disciples were unaware of the events that were to unfold in the coming days, but Jesus Christ was certain of the events that were to take place. He pressed forward into the city, willing to sufferContinue reading “Luke 19: The Triumphant Entry”

Luke 19: Produce An Increase

In Luke 19 we read of three men being entrusted with money. One man was able to grow the money 10 times, the other 5 times, however, one of the men hid the money in order to ensure its safe return. The men who produced 5 and 10 times were blessed the one who didContinue reading “Luke 19: Produce An Increase”

Luke 18: No Such Thing As Impossible

Luke 18 teaches us a mighty lesson. With man impossible things remain impossible, but with God the impossible becomes possible. The God we serve is the creator of the universe, His very words brought forth all that is revealed and what remains hidden. The God in the garden, is still God today and he HisContinue reading “Luke 18: No Such Thing As Impossible”

Luke 18: Humble Repentance

Greetings, In Luke 18 we are taught the importance of humble repentance. We are given an example of a Pharisee who is praying a prayer that is exalting his obedience to the law and giving thanks that he is not like other sinners. The other individual praying is a tax collector who has recognized hisContinue reading “Luke 18: Humble Repentance”

Luke 17: 1 out of 10

Greetings, Luke 17 gives an account of 10 people with leprosy who asked Christ for healing. They were told to present themselves to the priest and they were cleansed. However, only 1 of the 10 returned to give glory and praise to God. We are told that the one individual who did return to giveContinue reading “Luke 17: 1 out of 10”

Luke 14: It Will Cost You Everything

Greetings, In Luke 14 we are given a warning, following Christ comes with a cost. A person must be willing to place Christ first in their life, even above their own family and above themselves. A person who wants to follow Christ should be willing to pick up their cross and follow Jesus. To pickContinue reading “Luke 14: It Will Cost You Everything”