Hebrews 10: Confidence In Faith

Greetings, Hebrews 10 speaks in the importance of keeping confidence in our faith. A Christian can endure all things regardless of intensity when they hold to the promise that has been given to them. That promise is Jesus Christ. As Christians we can lean on Jesus Christ and find joy even in difficult times. IContinue reading “Hebrews 10: Confidence In Faith”

Hebrews 9: Once And For All

Greetings, In Hebrews chapter 9 we read about the perfect sacrifice of Christ. The old sacrificial system required the priest to offer up sacrifices continuously but the sacrifice of Christ was once and for all. The power of the cross possessed such power that all sins are covered from that single sacrificial act. It isContinue reading “Hebrews 9: Once And For All”

Hebrews 6: Unchanging Nature of God

Greetings, The writer of Hebrews reminds us in chapter 6 that God is unchanging. I am thankful for the steady nature of our God. The God we serve does not lie. His word is an anchor that we all can hold onto no matter what life circumstance we are facing. Jesus as Lord has promisedContinue reading “Hebrews 6: Unchanging Nature of God”

Hebrews 3: Greater Is The Builder

Greetings, Today in Hebrews 3 we receive a valuable piece of theology. The writer of Hebrews states the builder of a house is greater than the house. Then the writer states every house has a builder but God has built everything. This is another way of saying God is greater than any created person, place,Continue reading “Hebrews 3: Greater Is The Builder”

Hebrews 2: Drifters

Hebrews chapter 2 opens with a warning about neglecting the faith. The writer of Hebrews writes that we are to be careful that we do not drift away. As Christians we are to actively work to protect our faith in order for our faith to grow and mature. We are to guard our hearts againstContinue reading “Hebrews 2: Drifters”

Hebrews 1: The Nature of Christ

Greetings, Hebrews chapter 1 begins with a powerful description of Jesus Christ. The writer of Hebrews makes note that God created the universe through the Son. Additionally the writer adds that Christ is the exact representation of God, sustaining everything just by His word. What a powerful description given for Jesus Christ. What the writerContinue reading “Hebrews 1: The Nature of Christ”

Luke 23: Praying Tor Those Who Have Wronged You

In Luke 23, we see the crowds are taunting, mocking, and striking Jesus while He is being crucified. How did Jesus respond, by asking God to forgive these people. When we think about our own lives and the times that people have wronged us personally, how did we respond? Did we take a moment toContinue reading “Luke 23: Praying Tor Those Who Have Wronged You”

Luke 22: The Walk Requires A Servants Heart

In Luke 22, a discussion takes place among the disciples. They are arguing as to who is the greatest among themselves. Jesus responds to them, and instructs them that to be great they must be willing to be a servant. Jesus Christ came to serve, and he expects His followers to do the same. ToContinue reading “Luke 22: The Walk Requires A Servants Heart”

Luke 21: The Faith Of A Widow

Greetings, In Luke 21 we read of a widow who gives two tiny coins at the temple. Jesus tells the disciples this lady has given everything she has while the rich give only out of their surplus. This widow demonstrated a tremendous trust in God to provide for her needs. The faith of this ladyContinue reading “Luke 21: The Faith Of A Widow”