Luke 10: Strength In Numbers

Greetings, In Luke 10, we read of the 72 being sent out by Jesus Christ to preach the gospel. Jesus did not send them out by themselves, but sent them out in pairs. Ministry work is best done with the assistance of others. It is important to understand that the Christian walk is not meantContinue reading “Luke 10: Strength In Numbers”

Luke 9: The Cost Of Discipleship

Luke chapter 9 finishes with Christ instructing on exactly the cost of being his disciple. We are told that the cost of discipleship is to forsake desires of self for the cause of the Kingdom.A man approaches Christ and says he wants to follow him, but first he needs to bury his father. He isContinue reading “Luke 9: The Cost Of Discipleship”

Luke 9: Who is Jesus Christ?

Greetings, In Luke chapter 9 we find speculation as to who Jesus Christ really is. Some people think John the Baptist, maybe Elijah, others think possibly an older prophet. Peter when questioned directly by Jesus answers “messiah”. This question as to whom Jesus Christ really is, is the most important question each of us willContinue reading “Luke 9: Who is Jesus Christ?”

We are failing at our Calling: Job Title: Missionary

The Role of the Christian is to be a missionary. This does not mean you need to travel to remote areas of the world in order to serve in a missionary role. In fact most Christians will never serve in a far away country. The vast majority will serve locally in their home communities. TheContinue reading “We are failing at our Calling: Job Title: Missionary”

Savior And Lord

There are people in the pews today that profess Jesus as their savior but they know him not as their Lord. There is a distinction that must be made between savior and lord. To profess Jesus is your savior is to understand the redemption brought forth by the sacrifice that was made by Christ onContinue reading “Savior And Lord”

What Do You Mean When You Say God Has Forgiven Your Sin?

“He erased the certificate of debt, with its obligations, that was against us and opposed to us, and has taken it away by nailing it to the cross “Colossians 2:14  What do we mean when we say that God has forgiven our sins. We must be careful to communicate to those inquiring about the ChristianContinue reading “What Do You Mean When You Say God Has Forgiven Your Sin?”

Daily Devotional 10/23/2019 The scripture teaches us the virtue of humility. Humility in the biblical sense means Christians accept the sovereignty of God in their life. A humble Christian has a healthy fear of the Lord.