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  • Running the Race!

    Good morning and welcome, My post today is about running the race of life. Throughout our lives, we are posed with obstacles and challenges. We want to get to our goals and keep going, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. In Hebrews 12:1, the Bible tells us to “run with endurance the… Read more

  • Unconditional Forgiveness

    Are you holding onto hurts, resentments and unforgiveness? If so, your suffering is real and it’s time for a change. Unconditional Forgiveness is the subject of this post. The first step is to understand the power of forgiveness and the key to this is to be willing to release any grudges or resentments we have… Read more

  • Overcoming Trauma Through Christ

    Welcome today’s post is on overcoming trauma through Christ. We all experience traumatic events that forever impact us. However, the Bible provides guidance and insight into the process of healing from trauma. Trauma can be caused by a variety of situations, like experiencing abuse, assault, or a major life change. It can have severe psychological… Read more

  • Loving God by Helping Your Neighbor!

    I am here today to talk to you about love, specifically love of God and your neighbor. We all have been given the commandment to love God and our neighbor. It is so vital for us to understand that when we love God we also give back to Him by loving our neighbors. Loving our… Read more

  • God First!

    Happy Monday everyone, Today let’s talk about why it is so important that we live for God. We are all here to fulfill our purpose, and that purpose is to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life that brings Glory to God and to learn about Him and to enjoy Him forever. Living a life for… Read more

  • Trusting God in prayer

    The importance and power of trusting God in prayer is the topic for today. We all know how challenging life can be, but when we cry out to God and place our faith in Him, we can experience a peace and a joy that no earthly thing can bring. Scripture is filled with incredible promises… Read more