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  • Dying To Legalism and Living In Christ

    Today, many of us struggle under a weight of legalism when it comes to our faith. We worry that if we don’t follow certain sets of rules then we are not doing enough to please God. But this is not the way of Jesus. Jesus didn’t come to bring us religion and laws; He came… Read more

  • The Power of Biblical Community

    Do you want to experience deeper relationships with fellow Christians? The book of Philippians can help. In this study, we’ll look at the power of authentic, Christian community and how we can live out the biblical pattern of relationships in our churches today. We can learn from how the early church interacted with one another.… Read more

  • The Everyday Miracles!

    God is at work around us every day and is always present in our lives. Through prayer, we can recognize His faithfulness to us. When we take time to pause, step back, and look around, we can then find his priceless gifts of grace and mercy. We often look for obvious miracles to confirm God’s… Read more

  • Prayer Meeting During Troubled Times

    Hi and welcome! Today I want to talk to you about how to lead a prayer meeting during difficult times. Prayer is a powerful tool that can bring us closer to God and to each other. When we pray together, it can bring a sense of comfort and peace to the entire group. In times… Read more

  • Discerning The Gifts God Has Given You

    We all want to find our calling in life. How do we even begin to understand what path God has in store for us? We often want to live a purposeful and meaningful life, but it can be hard to find our place in the world. We can start by recognizing and thanking God for… Read more

  • Prayers Have Reach

    Today we will be discussing prayer in the Bible. Specifically, we will be exploring how prayer can allow us to reach for the unreachable. In the Bible, prayer is described as a conversation between man and God. It is a way of expressing one’s thoughts and feelings to God. As people pray they are given… Read more