Discerning The Gifts God Has Given You

We all want to find our calling in life. How do we even begin to understand what path God has in store for us?

We often want to live a purposeful and meaningful life, but it can be hard to find our place in the world.

We can start by recognizing and thanking God for the gifts and skills He has blessed us with. Each one of us have unique gifts that can be used to glorify God. Instead of being overwhelmed by the diversity of choices, take time to think and pray about what you’re passionate about.

It’s helpful to identify our personality traits, interests and experiences that have shaped us and helped us learn. Think about what situations have moved you in the past and how you can use that to shape your future.

Once we’ve identified our gifts, strengths and passions we can move forward to seek out new opportunities that allow us to use our knowledge and skills to serve God. We can expand our network and reach out to people who have similar interests and values. We should be open to new experiences and learning from others.

Ultimately, God’s plan for us may not be clear right away. We must learn to trust in His plan, and even if the path is unclear, we should continue to step out in faith. When we look for the ways that God is leading us we will find ways to serve Him in ways that bring Him joy.

Stepping into God’s plan can be a challenge at times, but it always bears fruit. Being willing to seek His guidance will bring us closer to His plan. No matter where we are in life, God has something special in mind for us that no one else can provide.

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