Learning to walk in the presence of God!

There are 3 stages of the Christian faith. The first is spiritual infancy. When we first come to Christ we are given true spiritual life. But just like a newborn we need support, we need to be fed by others. We need more mature Christians to care for us spiritually.

However, in time we grow into capable young adults in the faith. We know doctrine and love to share it with others. We find ourselves helping to care for new spiritual infants but we ourselves still don’t have it all figured out. There are unique challenges we face in this stage. We feel like we need to be the adult and going through the motions of faith can cause us to stumble.

But in time we continue to grow. The years stack up and decades go by. We become spiritual grandfathers and grandmothers in the faith. This is the sweet spot. We have been through the battles of life. We hold fast to scripture and we simply love to be in the presence of God in this stage. We are in some sense like an aged canine. Instead of chasing rabbits and playing outside like the younger pups we are content lying at the feet of our master.

Each stage of our faith journey is vitally important to who we are. So don’t rush things. Just be faithful right where you are and Christ will take care of the rest.

May your day be blessed and may you rest in the presence of your master today.

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