Southern Baptist Rediscovering Church Holidays!

Tonight my church had scheduled an Ash Wednesday service. While we always meet on Wednesdays and of course by extension on Ash Wednesday. My church has never observed a traditional Ash Wednesday service.

My church like most southern Baptist churches do not celebrate lent or many of the traditional holidays. However, in the past few years we have been re-discovering our Christian roots. We have been careful in how we approach these holidays as we are first and foremost a Church committed to scripture.

A few years ago our church began to celebrate Advent. This year we have decided to add Ash Wednesday. The service for Ash Wednesday has unfortunately been canceled due to severe winter weather. But it was a good learning experience to research and properly understand an Ash Wednesday service.

During the service I planned to administer ashes. Because of the biblical expression of sackcloth and ashes it was an opportunity to teach about traditional biblical repentance. This is what Ash Wednesday is truly about. An understanding of repentance as we approach Easter.

We have enjoyed reconnecting to Christian holidays. A few months ago we even added the apostles creed to every Sunday service and as we venture deeper into church history it has been a positive experience learning and expressing church history.

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