The Future of 1 of 10 Ministries

Here at 1 of 10 we are excited for the coming new year. It has been a tough year for all of us. COVID-19 has transformed the entire world and every thing has been impacted including ministry work.

We have big plans here at 1 of 10 ministries for 2021. We hope to grow into a full-time teaching ministry.

We plan to develop 1 of 10 podcast into a 30 minute weekly production. We also plan to have a daily devotional podcast. We hope to perform weekly Bible studies live on social media platforms.

And hopefully by end of the year we can establish a Bible study telecast that airs 2 times a week with the potential of more in the future.

The blog will contain fresh new post that are updated regularly. As well as links to the various media productions that we create here at 1 of 10.

That said this is only possible with your support. We hope to apply for nonprofit tax exempt status this year. We also will have to upgrade our equipment with the most expensive piece equipment being a new MacBook Pro that is capable of handling the productions that we will be creating here at the ministry. We also have a need for better microphones, lights, and professional software.

To make 1 of 10 a reality and to help us reach these amazing goals we are stepping out in faith. I am asking you to please help us raise money to start this ambitious ministry goals. You can donate at the link below. Help us take Christ to the nations and to equip the saints!

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