Hebrews 2: Drifters

Hebrews chapter 2 opens with a warning about neglecting the faith. The writer of Hebrews writes that we are to be careful that we do not drift away. As Christians we are to actively work to protect our faith in order for our faith to grow and mature. We are to guard our hearts against the ways of the world. If we allow ourselves to neglect scripture reading, prayer, and communion with other Christians we will soon find ourselves never reading the Bible, praying, or gathering together. It is like swimming in the ocean. The tide of secularism starts gently and works on the Christian without them realizing how far they have drifted from the faith. The current will carry you further and further away from your original spot on the beach without you even realizing you have moved. I pray today we keep ourselves centered on Jesus Christ!

God Bless,

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