Luke 23: Praying Tor Those Who Have Wronged You

In Luke 23, we see the crowds are taunting, mocking, and striking Jesus while He is being crucified. How did Jesus respond, by asking God to forgive these people.

When we think about our own lives and the times that people have wronged us personally, how did we respond? Did we take a moment to pray for the people who have wronged us?

Forgiveness is commanded for the believer. God has forgiven our sins, therefore, he expects us to forgive others. Let me make one big distinction, forgiving does not mean you have to give someone a free pass and act if their action never occurred.

We cannot simply forget the things people have done against us. If someone has wronged you in a deep way then trusting them not to act in the same way again may be difficult. Scripture calls us to forgive but says nothing about the need to forget.

However, forgiveness is required from the believer as it recognizes we to are in need of forgiveness ourselves. The next time someone wrongs you, pray for them as Christ prayed for those that day. It may not be easy, but trust in the sovereignty of God!

God Bless,

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