Luke 22: Anguish

Luke 22 we find Jesus and the disciples in the garden. Jesus is aware the hour has drawn near for him to be crucified. Luke reveals that Christ was praying fervently about the events that was beginning to unfold.

The Bible reveals that Christ was feeling anguish to the point of sweating blood. Here we find a very human element of Jesus. Anguish is defined as “severe mental or physical pain or suffering”.

This scene of Christ pouring himself out to God through prayer because of his anguish is something we all can relate to. But see here what Christ stated in His prayer. Your will be done God.

That is a pure demonstration of faith and trust. In the darkest hour trusting the plan God has for you is glorifying God. It demonstrates you trust his sovereignty. I pray today to become more Christ like and to trust the will of God be done.

God Bless

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