Luke 13: Parable Of A Vineyard


In Luke 13, Jesus tells a parable about a vineyard owner who gives an order to cut down a fig tree that failed to produce any fruit for 3 years. However, a vineyard worker pleads with the owner of the vineyard to give the tree 1 more year and he will do everything within his power to see if the tree will bare fruit. In this parable the vineyard owner is God. The fig tree is symbolic for Israel, and the 3 years represents that Israel has had ample time to produce fruit. Therefore, the vineyard worker who extends the fig tree chances by another year is the ministry of Jesus Christ. This parable is a good analytical tool for Christians. Are we the type of fig tree that is of value to the vineyard owner or are we producing no fruit. The scripture is clear if we know Christ we will produce good fruit. This is evidence of our faith walk.

God Bless

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