5 Toxic Personality Traits

  • Toxic personalities should be avoided. Toxic personalities provide only negative experiences. People who have toxic personalities look to break down people. These individuals gossip, slander and sabotage at every encounter. Toxic personalities can be hard to spot in an individual at first, but given just a short amount of time a toxic personality can be easily uncovered. Toxic personalities possess these 5 characteristics.
    1. Narcissism is at the root of toxic personalities. Toxic people only think of themselves and they seek to use people to achieve their selfish means.
      Manipulation is another trait of toxic personalities. They will prey on emotions to get you to do what they want.
      Dishonesty flows from them. These people will lie incessantly. And when caught in a lie will try to create another lie to defend themselves. Toxic people are dishonest people.
      They are controlling and will use all the tools in their arsenal to create whatever narrative supports their agenda.
      Toxic individuals do not support other people in their goals. When someone does something good they may say something positive publicly because they want to appear supportive. However, a fast conversation about the accomplishments of someone else will quickly turn negative and they will start to speak of their own accomplishments in an attempt to one up the other person.

    It is important to avoid or limit interaction with toxic personalities and surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive.

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