The Power Of Listening In A Distracted World

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As a pastor you walk with people not only in the joyous moments of life but also in the saddest of times. When I was new to being a pastor I was nervous about how to talk to people who were experiencing  a difficult season in their life. I was afraid that I would not have the right words to say or the right biblical counselling to apply to their current situation.

However, in time I quickly learned the power of just listening. I realized I was not expected to have all the answers, just being their for a person and listening to them as they communicate what they are going through is very powerful.

The world we live in today is filled with distractions. As technology progresses the ability to communicate has never been easier. But there seems to be a disconnect in the way people communicate in the modern world. They prefer digital communication to face to face communication. The ease of digital communication is erasing the need for face to face communication and in many ways even verbal communication.

Communication technologies can be a powerful tool. Our world is built around such technologies. They help keep businesses running and provide individuals with fast effective ways to communicate with family and friends. However, I have found there is something unique about face to face communication.

Taking time to be there for an individual and listen to them as they explain their current situation is far more powerful then communicating through electronic devices. The next time someone wants to talk to you about something that is happening in their life, perhaps arrange a meeting at a coffee shop. And don’t worry about what to say, just being there and listening will be enough.  

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