The Lessons Intense Christian Persecution Can Teach Us All

David Curry of Open Doors USA talks about the horrific Christian persecution occurring in Nigeria and across the globe, and what we can learn from it. — Read on

Quick Shot: “Atheists believe in just one less God than Christians” | Cold Case Christianity

I don’t blame people for rejecting the case for the mythological gods of history. But make no mistake about it, the case for the God of the Bible is dramatically different and considerably more reliable. — Read on

Being A Peaceful Believer

The scripture teaches Christians to be at peace with all people. If we are truly following the Golden Rule we will be fulfilling this command. I have been asked on numerous occasions if Christians can be friends with non Christians. The answer is Yes. If Christians are to engage the culture we must be willingContinue reading “Being A Peaceful Believer”

The Case for the Eyewitness Status of the Gospel Authors | Cold Case Christianity

The eyewitness authority of the Gospels was commissioned by Jesus, affirmed by the Gospel authors, and confirmed by the first believers. — Read on

The Power Of Listening In A Distracted World

As a pastor you walk with people not only in the joyous moments of life but also in the saddest of times. When I was new to being a pastor I was nervous about how to talk to people who were experiencing  a difficult season in their life. I was afraid that I would notContinue reading “The Power Of Listening In A Distracted World”