Leaders are Readers of Scripture

The current climate of western culture is obsessed with the idea of leadership. An individual can walk into any bookstore and find countless resources on the subject of leadership. Additionally, there are numerous internet blogs, videos, and podcasts concerning leadership. Essentially, the options for leadership development is endless.

As a Christian leader I encourage everyone to develop their leadership abilities. Many of the resources available are written by qualified individuals with a successful record in their particular industry. That stated I do recommend learning to value your time which is the most precious resource available to anyone. Therefore, it is wise to spend sometime researching potential books by reading reviews of the work before diving into a potential resource. Additionally give yourself permission to discard any resource you feel is not assisting your development after giving the author time to state their case. However, there is one source that must be continuously studied.

The Christian filters the world through the lens of scripture. This of course includes the Christian view of leadership. The Christian who wants to lead effectively must spend time in scripture. Outlined in scripture are the characteristics that all Christians should strive for. These characteristics of godly living when applied earnestly results in all Christians becoming effective witnesses for their communities. I will be writing some future post on these individual characteristics.

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