Introduction to 2nd Timothy

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The epistles to Timothy were written by Paul. Though short in length these two letters are filled with theological lessons for all Christians. Over the next few weeks I will be writing on second Timothy to highlight a few of these lessons. I hope you will prayerfully join me as we journey through this mighty letter of faith.  

The last place an individual would expect to receive a letter of hope and encouragement from is prison. However, that is the location Paul was writing from in second Timothy. Paul did not seek to garner sympathy from Timothy. Paul, does not mention the difficult situations that he was facing in incarceration.  

In chapter one Paul is encouraging Timothy to continue in the ministry work.  Paul encourages Timothy to remain steadfast in the faith and to be loyal to his calling. Paul reminds young Timothy to not be ashamed of the gospel and despite suffering he reminds him of the holy calling that was given to Timothy.  Paul also informs Timothy that he is praying for him both day and night.  

Christians can find themselves in difficult circumstances. It may not be imprisonment, but other life challenges will certainly occur to all Christians at some point. The question is how does the Christian respond? Does the Christian withdraw or do they do as Paul and continue to pray for others and reminding them of the holy walk to which they are called.  

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