The Blessed Deliverance

A few weeks ago I presented a sermon on the story of Joseph. The main point of the sermon highlighted how God was able to use a terrible circumstance that Joseph experienced and use it for the deliverance of many people. Joseph himself in speaking with his brothers who sold him into slavery stated “You planned evil against me; God planned it for good to bring about the present result–the survival of many people” Genesis 50:20, CSB). In the past I read the story of Joseph in such a way that I focused on how God was able to deliver Joseph from the terrible circumstance. However, the story itself far transcends the individual life of Joseph. The story in Genesis accounts for how the people in Egypt and beyond were able to have food during a great famine because of the provisions Joseph had made prior to the famine. The people near and far would have surely starved if it was not for these provisions but due to the powerful position of Joseph salvation from the famine was at hand. Who could have predicted this result back in Genesis chapter 37? This is the God we serve. A God capable of transforming the evil pursuits of man and bringing about a greater good.

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