Welcome Back!

After an extended break I have decided to start blogging again as well as relaunching some other online ministry projects. Monday-Friday I plan to do a short devotional journal drawn from the NT passages I read for that day. In essence it will be a short recap highlighting the main theme from the readings from that day.

However, the devotional will not be the only project. There will be some videos and podcasts on various topics that will be beneficial for spiritual renewal.

One of the biggest questions I get from Christians online and in person is how to study the Bible? I plan to do several post on this topic as well as some videos and in time I may lead a Bible study online.

My ultimate goal with my online ministry is to help Christians read and understand the Bible for themselves and to help them learn how to improve their prayer life. If we can get these two things right then we are well on our way to renewing our minds.

So please join me if you like. It’s all free! You can even subscribe to the blog with your email address. Also you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and to my social media accounts as well. Thanks and God Bless!